T&S as a Main Partner at the Largest Tech Show of the Year, “LEAP 2023”

Into the New World - T&S as a Sponser at the Largest Tech Show of the Year, “LEAP 2023”

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market in Saudi Arabia is the biggest in the Middle East and North Africa, with a market value of more than $32.1 billion.

This makes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a leading hub for IT and Cloud infrastructure today, with excellent connectivity to major markets through the Red Sea and Gulf, and the potential to serve global clients.

Therefore, LEAP, as an event, sets the stage to bring together the world’s greatest minds in tech and business. It is an excellent platform for all, from leading tech corporations to inspiring next-generation start-ups and venture capitalists to collaborate for a tech-driven future.

The first edition of the LEAP tech conference was held in Riyadh from February 1-3, 2022, bringing together more than 500 global CEOs and expert speakers, 100,000 visitors, 700 exhibiting global technology companies, and 330 investors.

Over US$6.4 billion worth of initiatives and programs were announced during the event.

T&S is participating in the LEAP 2023 exhibition as a bronze sponsor. We will demonstrate our latest projects and innovations, tell you about our expertise, and showcase our world-class services.

The mega tech experience “LEAP” is back and will happen from 6-9th February at Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia LEAP celebrates participation from 100,000+ tech innovators and leading experts worldwide to discover new ideas, build partnerships, and connect with inspiring mentors and investors.

Aligning with the event’s vision of tapping into the limitless potential of tech to build a positive future, T&S is proud to be a pivotal contributor to the event with respect to both the expertise we will bring and the support we will showcase.

Leap 2023

“Into the New World” - A Theme for the future

As part of the changing technology landscapes, this year’s theme will be reflected in the range of inspiring technology across all major sectors, including health, finance, energy, education, digital entertainment, transport, smart cities, and more.
There will be key discussions over how technology plays a role in changing the future of businesses in all aspects, be it about changing workforce dynamics or transforming education and healthcare provision via the use of AI. Another key theme during the event is the involvement of women in technology and how they can play as crucial change-makers in the world we live in today.
An extinguished set of speakers globally will lead LEAP. The agenda will focus on the most inspiring case studies worldwide in each sector, including the current Giga and mega projects financed and delivered in Saudi Arabia.
As Eng. Abdullah Amer Al-Swaha, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said, “LEAP will be the most iconic and seismic tech event for a generation, where East meets West and tech innovation meets investment. The event will reverberate worldwide and serve as a catalyst as the Saudi government gears up to transform and diversify its economy.”
This year the event will yet again bring 100s of hours of content featuring 500+ expert speakers across 11 tech conferences delivering expert insight and cutting-edge content on key tech topics.

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Dive into the unknown

What is T&S bringing to LEAP 2023?

As the Kingdom expands with its initiatives in technology, T&S will be a hub for businesses to start in the region.

Our comprehensive 360-degree business solutions will be the stepping stones for collaborators and new businesses within the event longing to join the run in setting up their companies in the Kingdom.

From setting up to recruitment, training, and provision of digital solutions, T&S will be a focal partner within the event, providing expertise to facilitate businesses to flourish, grow, and sustain in Saudi Arabia.

Meet us at Booth# T2.B90

For any inquiries, connect us on +966 920017730

What to look out for at T&S?

Our ten years of experience, along with a diverse portfolio of 500 companies, has allowed us to build success for many global partners looking to expand in the region. Over time, we have expanded our services to provide holistic solutions when it comes to growing your business in the Kingdom.

As per the theme and purpose of LEAP to build businesses through advanced technology, T&S will have a central focus on the digital services we provide. This includes but is not limited to the provision of:

Tailored IT solutions to reimagine your digital capabilities via IT integrations and new product developments.
Digital innovation through the design and deployment of innovative conceptual strategies.
Insightful diagnosis and thorough analysis inspection of your company’s IT landscape to suggest relevant optimizations.
AI-Led Automation to help you migrate from legacy automation to highly advanced AI automation solutions.
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In addition, at LEAP, we bring opportunities for collaboration for budding businesses or established ones to make their place at the heart of the new technology hub, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our key service provisions will be:

Business Setup
Business Operation
Foreign Direct Investment
Joint Ventures & Partnership
Soft Landing
Business Relocation
Application Services
Data Management & Analytics
Intelligent Platforms
Leadership Training
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Join us in the grand celebration of technology at LEAP 2023 as we await to welcome you with innovative solutions for your business.

T&S would love to meet you at our booth T2.B90
For any inquiries, contact us 

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