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V20 Summit : Discovering Values

V20 Summit : Discovering Values

Launched as a non-official engagement group within the G20 ecosystem in March, the V20 hopes to become an official G20 engagement group. It has created three task forces that are important to the strategic priorities of the G20: Global values, quality-of-life values, and leadership values. In the current grim scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, the inaugural Values 20 (V20) Summit will be held virtually, days before the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

In addition to global CEOs, presidents, government officials, and celebrities, the V20 Summit is expected to be attended by more than 2,000 global online audience members with speakers comprising value specialists and practitioners.

It is an opportunity to inform world leaders on the importance of principles for the advancement of policy-making and decision-making processes at a time when a range of challenges are facing the world.

The event will discuss the fundamental role of values in helping to build a sustainable world that lets all people live, work, and flourish with dignity.

The global values task force focuses on how values can lead to the achievement of social and economic goals with the intention of moving the debate one step further by specifically stressing the “value of values” and proposing a general change of paradigm on how values are perceived and incorporated into public policy.

The taskforce on leadership values explores how values can enhance organizational performance, especially people-centered leadership, transparency, autonomy, and equality. The G20 members are dedicated to inspiring people, according to the V20 website.

The third task force focuses on how to improve the well-being of people, aiming to show that the promotion of concrete values will advance the quality of life and contribute substantially to realizing the ambitious goals set by the G20.

The G20 declared, under the Saudi presidency, to create conditions in which “all people can live, work and thrive” and encourage “collective efforts to protect the global commons.” This includes allowing people to adopt healthy lifestyles, reducing consumer food and energy waste, and mobilizing the community and public goods.

The V20 aims to help an audience, as wide as possible, discover, explore, publicize, and be motivated by the realistic values that can contribute to meaningful action in the country.

The unique selling point of V20 goes a step further by ensuring that these outputs have the best possible opportunity to influence global, national, regional, and local decision-makers in governments, enterprises, or other organizations.

V20 is chaired, during the Saudi presidency of the G20, by the non-profit philanthropic MiSK Foundation, established by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It aims to discover, grow, and empower Saudi and global youth to become active participants in the information economy and active global citizens.

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