T&S pleased to announce availability of a SADAD payment gateway for its ecommerce clients

With this solution Tools&Solutions “T&S” customers will be able to run an efficient and state of the art localized e-commerce solution to power their business.

The platform is able to provide clients with a secure payment option that covers both electronic and non-credit card based transactions. Once the SADAD is running on clients account, the client is able to receive electronic payments from any consumer who has a Saudi local bank account that is e-commerce enabled. This provides clients with an easy and secure way of accepting payments for services and products delivered via ecommerce.

SADAD payment allows to accept electronic payments via your websites or e-commerce solution and deposit funds automatically into your bank account. T&S solutions are designed to save time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses. Moreover, the design of the SADAD gateway provides T&Ss clients with a tool that helps to identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.

“Adding the SADAD option to our local billing package of solutions will enable our clients to use an additional payment option to their customer base, significantly expanding the addressable market” explains Abdullah Alshammari, Vice President of Business Development of T&S. “with SADAD any online purchaser has the convenience of being able to use their Saudi Arabia bank account to pay for purchases without the need to use credit cards or third party payment gateways.”

We would strongly suggest discussing your needs with the T&S specialist. The specialist will help you in understanding and outlining the available options, possible customization and the packages that suit your business best. You will be able to discuss everything, from the steps needed to be taken to seamlessly integrate SADAD into your website or ecommerce platform, to the costs and implementation strategies.

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