Meras, All Your Government Services in One Place

The Meras platform is an e-government initiative to enhance the private sector’s role in the Saudi market. The initiative aims to help Saudi business owners to understand the process of establishing their business in Saudi Arabia. It is a gateway that provides businesses with e-services, by collecting all the important links in one place. These links direct the user immediately to the appropriate government website, thereby saving effort and time. Thus, business owners will be able to manage their business registrations and complete them through one single platform. As indicated in the initiative’s website, Meras has more than one stage to go through to achieve its final objectives. It is currently in the first stage and is providing the following services:

    • Issuing commercial registration.
    • Membership certificate with the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Opening a tax file with the General Authority for Zakat and Tax.
    • Opening a file with the General Organization for Social Insurance.
    • Issuing discount permits electronically.
    • Trademark registration.
    • Issuing labor permits.
    • Issuing municipal licenses.
    • Requests for industrial land.

Beside the services mentioned above, the Meras gateway allows its users to search for any license they wish to have issued. Note that all documents are attested and approved online.

The slogan for Meras initiative is “No need to go further ” which clearly shows how the program gives business owners a short-cut to establish a business. Instead of visiting each ministry and government office, with Meras, you get your registration completed in one place, and online.