How secure is Cloud Computing


Every organization in the industry questions about the security of cloud computing, when they change their system to a complete IT mechanism. So, how secure is cloud computing? When an organization is new to cloud computing, they should understand that the methods and tools used in this system are unique when compared to their earlier practices. Though the basic principles are the same, it is very important to understand that the cloud runs in data centers staffed by experts in cloud services where the data is secure.

The Security of Cloud

The quality of cloud security depends on the implementation of appropriate technologies and policies which are certified by independent specialized third-party auditors. This ensures the customers about the standards of how secure the cloud can be.


For any cloud network, firewalls act as the foundation of technical security. So, what is a firewall? Why is it so significant? Principally, a firewall is a software system which applies rules to all the online traffic passing through the perimeter of a network. Based on the rules and regulations, the firewall inspects and filters the data which passes in and out of your cloud environment. This prevents suspicious traffic and stops sensitive data from getting in. The Cloud is also protected by additional tools which provide integrity monitoring, anti-malware protection, logging, and intrusion prevention.


Your organization’s data is kept confidential when you have access to your cloud with a managed firewall appliance. The best part about the firewall system is that it can figure out who is requesting access to the network and whether they have the power to get in. Furthermore, the firewall creates logs that grant cybersecurity professionals to oversee the network activity for signs of suspicious activities. Another significant feature of the firewall is that the confidentiality of the cloud is ensured with encryption and sometimes the rules are adjusted by blocking the traffic.

The Best Modern Practice

Cloud Computing is becoming the best modern practice for all the current organizations and businesses because of several benefits such as performance, cost, etc. Many small and medium-sized businesses have been using cloud for several years and the number is only increasing every day. All the businesses have started to trust the cloud completely and store all their data in it. As said earlier, this change has occurred because of the agility advantages delivered by cloud computing.


Cloud Computing has become one of the revelations in the IT industry and has augured all the enterprises in terms of keeping their sensitive data secure. With the benefits of low cost and increased performance, cloud computing can guarantee a more secure environment for your business and can help in keeping all the data safe. Cloud computing can also guarantee a more secure environment, thanks to increased resources for security and centralization of data.