Tamheer—Giving Access to Saudi Graduates to Participate in The Labor Market

Tamheer is one of Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) programs that supports both male and female Saudi graduates. Tamheer prepares Saudi graduates to participate in the labor market. It offers them the chance to experience working full time, after graduating, with an on-job-training. HRDF provides graduates with financial support of 3000 SR per month. The duration of the program is from 3 to 6 months.

How does Tamheer benefit your business?

HRDF encourages companies to train Saudi graduates who are enrolled in the Tamheer Program. The program is funded by HRDF using the fees paid in the Parallel Nitaqat Program. When companies pay for Saudization units to reach a particular range in Nitagat Program, the money paid is used as incentives for graduates in Tamheer program. Thus, companies that offer on-job-training through Tamheer are benefiting from the program as well since HRDF defrays the financial expenses on the company by paying the trainees monthly incentives. Employers will have a chance to know the skills and qualifications of Saudis in labor market and, accordingly, choose the most qualified among them to work in the company.

Companies registering in the program must meet specific requirements to be qualified. There should be a clear plan for trainees, a mentor appointed for every 10 trainees, a record of attendance every month, and provide feedback for trainees.

Tamheer allows government, semi-government and private establishments with different activities to enroll in the program. The program greatly contributes to the development of the Saudi economy and society by enabling Saudi youths to be part of the workforce.