Riyadh Chamber’s open meeting for real estate investors

Riyadh Chamber, represented by the Real Estate Committee, hosts an open meeting on Monday 28 May at 9:30 P.M. The Real Estate General Authority Governor, Esam Hamad Almubarak, will lead the open meeting. The meeting will include many real estate developers and investors. In the frame work of the Kingdom 2030 Vision which aims to create a strong relation between the private and public sectors, the open meeting will discuss the expected role of the private real estate sector in achieving the Real Estate General Authority objectives and aspirations. According to the real estate board member and chair of the committee, Ayed Abdullah Alwabry, the meeting will implement the strategy of the Real Estate General Authority. It also will discuss its programs which help and boost the strategy effect on the future of investment in the real estate sector. The chairman of the meeting, Mr. Almubarak, will listen to the investors’ opinions, the challenges and issues the real estate faces. This will contribute to the development of future of the real estate sector. The meeting will be a great opportunity for investors to exchange ideas and discuss future investment opportunities. The committee seek to establish a strong connection between the public real estate sector and the investors and developers in the private sector. It aims to boost the engagement of the Riyadh Chambers in decision making related to the real estate sector.