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Proactive MISA Ensures Business Continuity

Proactive MISA Ensures Business Continuity

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. This precisely is what every country’s government is going through at this time with the COVID-19 having been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA), realizing the gravity of the situation, has established a dedicated COVID-19 Response Center (MCRC) with an aim to support continuity of businesses and to mitigate adverse impacts of the outbreak on businesses. At this crucial juncture, Governments across the world have been implementing stringent measures to combat the pandemic, and limit its spread.

Throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the MCRC is coordinating with more than 7,000 investors with a view to facilitate government support services and advise stakeholders on best practices to tackle potential challenges.
“This is an extraordinary time, and we understand that many investors and business leaders are concerned,” said Khalid Al-Falih, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Investment. He said that across the globe, leaders and decision-makers are not fully clear on how long the COVID-19 situation will last, or how long mitigation efforts will have to be managed.

As part of a proactive plan to ensure business continuity for its partners in the midst of this unforeseen challenge, Saudi Arabia activated the MCRC in right earnest.

“We, at MISA, want to reassure our partners that we are working round the clock to support them in every way we can”, he added, indicating willingness of the Government to walk the extra mile.

The MCRC received numerous calls in fact, and anticipating such queries, MISA took the preemptive step by deploying more than 530 support services for its partners.

Even during this period, MISA has issued or renewed hundreds of business licenses- in what is a clear indication that the Ministry wants to ensure continuity of service and support.

“Like most of the world right now, our staff are currently working from home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But they are fully integrated and equipped to support our partners”, the minister added.

“They stand ready to provide guidance and resources as needed- whether via telephone, email, and through our social media channels. We are also coordinating with all government agencies to facilitate and deploy services and incentives as needed, while proactively identifying emerging challenges that investors might face in the days and weeks ahead and working to solve them as soon as possible”, the minister said.

What’s more! A business continuity playbook, developed by MISA, is available on its website. Also, it hosts a database of frequently asked questions that is regularly updated so as to help businesses find answers to their common queries with ease, and stay up to date with the latest information on government services and support programs.

Overall, the commitment of the Government to support and serve its partners is clearly evident from the plethora of initiatives it has undertaken while ensuring that its entire staff stays safe.

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