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Training & Learning Solutions

Freshers Development and Career Coaching

We design structured training and career coaching programs for fresh graduates and junior talent to meet the resource
requirements at the base of the pyramid. We focus on training programs that develop skills that will help new joiners become more productive faster.

Business Skills Training for Professionals

We offer a wide range of hard and soft skills courses including project management, communication, sales and marketing and negotiations. These courses are designed to enhance the professional skillset of individuals and teams, helping them reach their career goals and contribute towards organizational success.

Immersive IT Skills Training

We offer IT courses designed to equip learners with foundational concepts and methodologies across key information technology disciplines including cloud computing, UX, IT security and data management. Course durations range from 2 weeks to 10 weeks and offer a unique immersive learning experience.

Coaching and Executive Mentorship Program

Customized classroom trainings in T&S

Through our partners Propel International, we provide executive coaching and leadership development program. The focus of this program is to provide organizational leaders and highpotential managers with the opportunity to improve their leadership and communication skills to more effectively motivate and inspire their teams.

Best-In-Class International On-Demand Trainings

Read, watch, listen, practice. We provide a wide range of on-demand trainings prepared in collaboration with Skillsoft, MIT and renowned international business leaders. 30+ topics of leadership training, incl. strategic thinking, change management, team leadership, agile leadership, innovation, decision making, women in management.

90+ business skills focused around interpersonal, intellectual and communication topics

Technology & developer in 15 central topic areas such as security, cloud, AI, Agile, Python, ML, Blockchain, Java, DevOps, SQL, Java Spring, Big Data, AWS, Testing, Azure… and coverage for 100+ certifications, and test preparation

Digital transformation

Productivity & collaboration tools incl. MS Office, Cloud-based Productivity Tools, Collaboration Tools, Social Media Marketing, CRM Applications, Project Management Tools, Rapid Prototyping/Design, End User Analytics

Learn at your own pace and time schedule, and repeat as often as needed

How It Works

We understand that for any learning program to be successful it must align directly with your specific business needs as well as with the personal development goals of your employees. With our proven methodologies, we can identify business needs, competency gaps and the optimal learning program that will deliver results.
We design and deliver learning and development programs tailored to the specific needs of the individuals and organizations we work with.
We deliver our training in a number of ways to cater to the different needs of organizations, departments and people. We can deliver the training onsite or offsite. We also offer e-learning courses to allow your employees more flexibility to access training when and where they need it.
We help you measure the effectiveness of the training program. How did the participants find the training? What did they learn? Did they apply the learnings on-thejob? Did the training meet the stakeholders’ expectations?

Our Strength

Comprehensive Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of business management, information technology and personal development courses that equip learners with the most important practical and conceptual skills for the workplace.

Tailored, Client-Centric Training Solutions

We design and deliver learning and development programs tailored to the specific needs of the individuals and organizations we work with. Our process begins with a comprehensive needs assessment to identify business requirements, competency gaps and personal development goals.

World-Class Training Delivery Partners

We partner with leading training and coaching service providers to offer instructorled workshops and e-learning solutions across a diverse range of disciplines and competency areas.

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