MISA License – Your Gateway to Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is opening doors to profitable business opportunities for foreign-owned businesses.

The newly revised policies allow the relevant departments to issue commercial licenses that require minimal paperwork without having any local partnerships with Saudi citizens.

Role of MISA in Saudi Vision 2030

In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) is facilitating the transformation of the country’s economy by encouraging business setup in Saudi Arabia. It is actively creating new opportunities for foreign investors, and ensuring that the process is smooth and accessible.

Now, all you need to do to set up your business in the Kingdom is:

  • Obtain the MISA license
  • Choose your business entity, such as whether you want to establish a JSC or an LLC in Saudi Arabia
  • Register with the required Government agencies

What is a MISA License?

A MISA license is your ticket to business setup in Saudi Arabia.

Formerly known as the SAGIA license, it enables international businesses to expand to Saudi Arabia by allowing for complete foreign ownership of businesses without any local sponsors or restraints on capital—so your business remains 100% yours.

Why Choose the MISA License?

Obtaining the MISA license is the best, most efficient way to enter and invest in the Saudi market. Here’s why:

  • It is a quick and seamless process
  • It enables you to have complete ownership of your business, making you the sole proprietor of your company
  • You will be eligible to apply for loans across the region
  • There is no limitation on the amount of revenue you can repatriate
  • It allows you to be part of the Saudi market without a local sponsor
How to Obtain a MISA License?

All you need to do to initiate the process of obtaining the MISA license is submit copies of the following business documents: 

  • Articles of Association Commercial registration (or equivalent)
  • Financial Statement for the previous year

(All documents to be legalized by the local Saudi Consulate.)

Types of Companies in Saudi Arabia

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Your process of entry can fall into any of the following categories:

● Limited Liability Company (LLC)
The most common business type in Saudi Arabia, in which owners are not liable for company debt.

        ● Sole Proprietorship Limited Liability Company (SPLLC)
         A type of LLC in which all the shares of the company belong to the owner.

● Joint Stock Company (JSC)
Company capital is divided and distributed as shares of equal value.

● Limited Partnership Company (LLP)
This type of company is formed as a result of a partnership between General and Limited partners.

● Joint Venture
An agreement between two or more parties to collaborate and contribute their resources in order to accomplish a shared objective.

● Branch or Representative Office
The Offices serve as special business forms for foreign companies to operate in the Saudi market.

Sectors Requiring Local Sponsors:

Another variant in the process of business setup in Saudi Arabia is your business sector. Certain sectors or industries require additional approvals of the relevant government departments. This is limited to the categories that are restricted for foreign investors.

If your business belongs to any of the restricted sectors, you may need to seek approval before or after applying for the MISA license. Depending on the sector or activity, your business permits may vary. For instance, the foreign investment legal framework allows foreign investors to attain 100% ownership of their business, however, there are sectors that require a certain percentage of Saudi ownership.

These sectors include:

  • Communication
  • Insurance or Reinsurance
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Public Transportation
  • Management of Construction or Engineering Projects

Therefore, it is best to seek local advice before initiating the process of business setup in Saudi Arabia.

Let Tools & Solutions Hold the Reins

The process of obtaining the MISA license and setting up a business in the Kingdom can be daunting for those who are not familiar with the regulations and procedures. It also requires extensive know-how and experience of certain intricacies that simplify and ease the process.

Our Solid Partnership with MISA

Here’s the best news– our strong partnership with MISA enables us to provide you with 360 degree assistance, and opens doors to new possibilities for your business in Saudi Arabia. We can help you:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the Saudi market
  • Set up your business according to the legal requirements
  • Manage your finances and property
  • Find and hire competent resources

T&S navigates you through your business setup process from the very beginning to the end, where your business is flourishing in the Kingdom. We ensure that all your needs are met, and proactively taken care of.

We can help!

T&S is a business setup consultant in Saudi Arabia. We are dedicated to transforming the country’s economy by empowering local and international businesses to flourish. With our market exposure and familiarity with Saudi laws, we provide a multitude of benefits for your business, and help you swiftly obtain the MISA license.


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