Ministry of Labor and Social Development announces the launch of the "priority"

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development announced the launching of a priority initiative for them as part of the social initiatives launched recently under the slogan of “Building and Empowerment”. It aims to facilitate reviews, daily transactions and alleviation of hardship to enable people with special needs who are elderly, disabled, Of having a baby in various government agencies and service sector. Through this initiative, the Ministry seeks to enhance the Kingdom’s pioneering image in the service of people with special needs in all categories and to improve their way of life by facilitating, facilitating and overcoming the challenges they may face. The Ministry also affirms that reaching the expected impact and achieving the desired objectives of this initiative will be achieved through uniting efforts with the concerned sectors, which will reflect on the quality of the services provided to all of us to reach a society that is inclusive and inclusive. Reference – Ministry of Labor and Social Development