Mandatory Summer Training Program “Saifi”

Saifi Program is a summer training program developed by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). The program targets students (both male and female) who are enrolled in any educational establishment. It enables students to acquire basic skills which qualifies them to be part of the labor market in addition to investing in their free time during summer vacation.

Saifi program, unlike Tamheer Program, is not funded by (HRDF). HRDF only supervises the program to ensure its effectiveness. The establishments participating in the program should pay the students a minimum monthly bonus of 500 SAR.

Private sector’s establishments with 25 or more employees are now obliged to join Saifi program. Establishments should either provide on-job-training opportunities within the establishment or provide external training programs and fund them.

External training programs are funded by the establishments while provided by licensed institutions and training centers. The training programs must be listed under the certified programs. Also, they must meet HRDf criteria.

Saifi program starts on July 7 with a duration of 4 weeks. Establishments which are participating in the program must post their training offers before July 1. So far, 2684 establishments are registered in Saifi program.

Establishments benefit from the program by taking advantages of national competencies with a minimum cost. In addition to contributing to the development of the society and Saudi youths.