Labor and social development

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development deposited the amounts of social security pensions and support programs for the month of Shaaban in the accounts of beneficiaries and beneficiaries, which include security pensions, cash assistance for food and payment of part of the electricity bills. It also includes the cost of living allowance under the Royal Decree, Monthly payments to social security beneficiaries who do not pay them a cost of living allowance with pensions. The total amount disbursed was 2,011,721,989 riyals, including the beneficiaries’ pensions amounting to 1,382,528,371 riyals, while the cash assistance for food amounted to 191,384,508 riyals, while 101,409,110 riyals were disbursed to pay part of the electricity bills, in addition to 336,400,000 Which were deposited directly in the accounts of the bank beneficiaries, in order to improve the living conditions of them and their families. Reference – Ministry of Labor and Social Development