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Game Mode: Communications and Information Technology Commission’s New Initiative

Game Mode: Communications and Information Technology Commission’s New Initiative

As part of its efforts to promote telecom operator competitiveness, increase market transparency, and provide customers with the best possible experience, the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia recently announced the launch of a new initiative called Game Mode, which is intended to help the Kingdom’s legions of avid video game players make educated decisions about which internet provider to use.

The internet service provider with the best response time for online gaming, a key indicator of a network’s success, will receive a quarterly award from Game Mode.

In addition, the commission will issue quarterly reports comparing service provider response times for some of the Kingdom’s most common video games.

Mobily, at 21 seconds, topped the list of average response time in the famous game “Fortnite” in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to data from CITC’s first Game Mode quarterly survey. Integrated Telecom came in second with a time of 28 seconds, followed by Zain with a time of 29 seconds, and Saudi Telecom Co. (STC) with a time of 35 seconds.

The gaming industry in Saudi Arabia is currently worth SR2.6 billion (roughly $693 million) and is forecast to reach $2.5 billion by 2030. It has one of the fastest annual growth rates in the world, at 22%.

With an average response time of 24 seconds, Mobily also topped the average response time list for “Apex Legends,” another “Battle Royale”-style shooter game, followed by Integrated Telecom, Zain, and STC. Zain placed first in the hugely successful football game “FIFA,” with an average response time of 29 seconds.

With an average response time of 86 seconds, Zain and Mobily topped the list for the combat arena game “League of Legends.” The game’s performance was poor across the board, with STC coming in third at 95 seconds and Integrated Telecom coming in fourth at 97 seconds.

Integrated Telecom, on the other hand, came in first for fixed internet average latency in Saudi Arabia, with a latency of nine milliseconds. With latencies of 13ms and 18ms, Mobily and Zain came in second and seventh, respectively. STC’s average fixed internet latency was 19ms, while Go’s was 34ms.

With 33ms, Zain took first place in mobile internet average latency, followed by Mobily and STC with 34ms and 36ms, respectively.

Zain also topped the field in terms of mobile 5G average latency, with a time of 22 milliseconds. STC came in second with a time of 24ms, and Mobily came in third with a time of 25ms.

The initiative will surely boost competitiveness among telecom operators and empower users significantly.

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