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Fighting COVID-19 with Work from Home

Fighting COVID-19 with Work from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all around the globe. The spread of the pandemic has led to the emergence of situations which were hitherto unseen. Governments, multilateral institutions, civil society organizations, and citizens across countries have been responding to such situations in the best possible way that they can. The Saudi Government has taken many precautionary measures to contain the pandemic and to limit its spread. Taking a clue from the Government, many private sector companies have also asked their employees to work from home or work on rotation in shifts. These measures are strengthening health protocols.

Taking such precautionary measures has become utmost essential given the rapid global spread of the coronavirus. The workforce engaged in the private sector in Saudi welcomed the decision with a sigh of relief. In cases where attending office is essential, rotation based shifts have been introduced with reduced work hours.

The preventive measures that have been put in place by the Saudi authorities are truly commendable. The citizens and expatriates are, by and large, abiding by the procedures set by the Government. Many restrictions have been imposed on gatherings and people-to-people interactions, in an effort to enforce social distancing to prevent infection.

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