FASAH an integrated e-system to facilitate importing and exporting across the borders

In its remarkable advance towards the development of its economy, Saudi Arabia launched an integrated importing and exporting e-system. FASAH is a product of the technology enabler TABADUL company. All bodies and authorities in the country made a joint effort to be part of the project. FASAH is an electronic national system for importing and exporting. It creates a link between all organizations related to importing and exporting in one platform. It connects Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Water, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Saudi Customs, Saudi Ports Authority, Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Saudi Automative Services, Saudi Commotion for Tourism and Heritage, Ministry of Energy, Industry, and Mineral and along many other governmental authorities listed in FASAH website.

What services does FASAH provide to the users?

FASAH facilitates the importing and exporting process from submitting required documents online to shipment tracking. A quick overview of the services provided by FASAH electronic system:

1- Open data platform (TABADUL): it allows the users to explore and check all the data related to their imported or exported shipment.

2- Shipment tracking system (MASAR): users can track their shipment transition process from its pickup point till its destination. Shipment information is accurate, precise and detailed.

3- Ports Services (SANAM):

– Import and Export Manifest: documents and data can be submitted electronically on the website in addition to in-house uploading of mass data by the users.

– Import and Export Manifest Data Download: users can download import/export manifest information with latest updates.

And other services, such as license management, import and export online declarations, load permits, delivery order management and customs amendments.

The implementation of FASAH facilitates the importing and exporting process on business owners. It provides a fertile ground for new investment opportunities in the country. In addition to the services it provides to the establishments and business owners, in the near future, FASAH aims to provide its services to individuals too.