Facts you need to know about GOSI in Saudi Arabia

Facts you need to know about GOSI in Saudi Arabia

GOSI or General Organization for Social Insurance is an important government organization in Saudi Arabia that carries out the provisions of their Social Insurance Law. They primarily focus on collecting contributions from employers, achieving social insurance coverage lawfully and pays benefits to insured persons or their family members.

GOSI Benefits Medical Treatment

GOSI will cover all the treatment costs in the event of employment injury. All medical expenses will be covered, until the person recovers.

Daily Allowance

If an employee suffers a temporary disability as a result of employment injury, they will receive daily allowances until they recover from the injury. The allowances will also be given during holidays and weekends. The person will be given 100% of their contributions from GOSI, but if they are still undergoing treatment, they will get an allowance of 75%.

Permanent Disability or Death

If one suffers permanent disability or dies as a result of employment injury, the contributor or the beneficiaries will get an amount of 84 months of salary, which will be based the average salary for the last 3 months. However, this should not exceed SR 330,000/

GOSI Calculations

The amount paid effectively adds towards the retirement benefits of the National employees, and for expatriates, it adds towards work-related injuries fund which is limited to a certain amount they are split into 3 categories:

  1. Saudi Nationals (private & public sector) – 22% of the maximum monthly applicable earnings (9% each for the employee and employer for annuity (pension), 1% each for unemployment contribution and 2% for occupational hazard which the employer pays)
  2. GCC Nationals (excluding Saudis) – between 17-22% in total depending on the nationality – always a 9% annuity contribution from the employer, 2% unemployment contribution from employer and the balance from the employee.
  3. Expatriates – just 2% unemployment contribution paid by the employer


GOSI e-services

GOSI e-services are a quantum leap in the social insurance field, as they include a set of e-channels such as online service, e-payment, GOSI-Phone, direct link service, and Short Message Service (SMS)

Conclusion GOSI system in Saudi Arabia is unique when compared to GCC countries, And other parts of the world where it’s recognized as workers compensation. As outlined above the system is extremely beneficial for employees including expatriates.