E-governance and the Latest IT Trends in Saudi Arabia


Over the years, the IT trends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been evolving, and the increase in demand for e-governance is one of the significant changes that Saudi Arabia has witnessed. The government of Saudi Arabia has introduced many online services under the Vision 2030 program such as e-learning services, employment programs, online issuance of commercial registers, online job searches, traffic updates and control, passports and civil affairs, and online payment services.

Vision 2030

So, what is Vision 2030 all about? The primary goal of 2030 is to give quality government services by diversifying communication channels and streamlining processes. They also support the use of online apps in the government sector such as data sharing platforms, HR management system and cloud applications. In recent years, the nation has seen an increased use of cloud computing in several areas and the Saudi Arabian government also intends to reinforce online services with the government.

The growth of the IT market

One of the key factors contributing to the growth of the IT market in Saudi Arabia is the launch of the National Transformation Program (NTP). In 2016, the government launched the National Transformation Program with Vision 2030 in their mind. This program includes plans to create job opportunities and to diversify the economy. Economic and Infrastructure development is considered to be very important as the usage of technology is growing at a brisk pace. With technology being utilized in almost every corner of the world, the government of Saudi Arabia decided to digitally enable all sectors of the economy such as BFSI, government, manufacturing, and healthcare under the NTP.


So, let us get to know more about NTP? National Transformation Program (NTP) is an economic action plan organized by the government of the KSA as part of the Vision 2030 development plan. The NTP was organized to diversify the nation’s economic income from the oil industry and diminish the nation’s dependence on oil. This is a five-year plan and includes three goals which are to reform the fiscal & public sector, enhance the business environments and diversify the nation’s economy. It is very important to note the fact that this program has implemented 543 initiatives across 24 government bodies and ministries. The implementation of the National Transformation program will augment the digital transformation in all sectors of the nation’s economy. Specific advancements like the integration of government data into an advanced Saudi e-Portal gateway, amalgamation of IT infrastructure of the government sector for fresh e-services, quality of the broadband services, contraption of the business environment and economy, etc.


With Vision 2030 and the National Transformation program well on course, Saudi Arabia is expected to witness a dramatic changeover in terms of the IT industry. The impact of these programs will turn the fortunes of Saudi Arabia’s IT market and make it more productive.