Doing business in Saudi Arabia: the most up-to-date information

There are plenty of investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia especially after the announcement of the country’s 2030 Vision and the economic reform.  Foreign investments are broadly welcomed in various activities. Nevertheless, the process of investing in the country requires some important steps.

All investors must obtain the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) license. Once the business is licensed and set up, further registrations are equally important.

 For your business to be recognized in Saudi Arabia, the business type must meet these in the Saudi market. It should be taken into consideration that the most common forms of business in Saudi Arabia’s market are LLC, JSC, branches, and agency relationships.

It is recommended for foreign investors to work closely with a local advisor throughout the process to ensure their business comply and be updated on the rules and regulations in the country.

In Tools & Solutions, we make sure that our clients are regularly provided with the latest updates on the business environment in Saudi Arabia. 

The document below helps you understand the business environment and its regulations in Saudi Arabia. It includes the most up-to-date information about doing business in Saudi Arabia.


Doing business in saudi arabia

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