Obtain your investment license within 10 minutes

The Ministry of Investment (MISA) continues to work on its procedures to facilitate the process of investing in Saudi Arabia. MISA has made it possible for foreign investors, wherever they are in the world, to receive their license immediately, online. The license is issued within 10 minutes; the service is accessible around the world, and during the entire year.


There are, of course, terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before the Instant License can be issued. First, the company, or one of its affiliates, must be listed on an international or local stock market. Second, the company must have achieved at least one of the following standards:

  • In the previous two years, the parent company or an affiliate must have revenues in excess of 70 million SR, or the equivalent, assets in excess of 100 million SR, or equivalent; and net profit in excess of 50 million SR, or equivalent.
  • The company, or one of its affiliates, should have three regional branches outside their home country.
  • The percentage of the company’s products exported in its home country must be 50% or more.
  • The size of the company’s workforce should be equivalent to ten thousand employees, or more.
  • The company or one of its affiliates should own a patent of an invention related to the activity for which they are applying.

The Instant License is a timesaver for investors. It gives many business owners who aspire to invest in Saudi Arabia a shortcut to establishing their business in Saudi Arabia. For further information about the Instant License or related services, contact T&S.
As is widely known, females in Saudi Arabia are required to wear Abaya, which is a loose-fitting robe-like cloak. Generally, it is a personal preference whether to wear a black Abaya or a colorful one. However, women are free to choose whether or not they wish to wear a Hijab (headscarf). There is, however, no specific dress code in Saudi Arabia save in government offices; though both males and females are required to dress modestly. Generally, males wear Thawb and Shumagh while females wear Hijab and Abaya.


Both citizen and non-Saudi resident females in Saudi Arabia usually dress modestly in public places. They should avoid revealing or tight-fitting clothes. Nevertheless, the color and style of what women wear does not matter; be it a bright or dark color. The same applies to accessories, footwear, and bags: any color is fine.

At the moment, the country is witnessing many changes – especially as regards the establishment of womens’ rights. Just days ago, the Crown Prince Stated that, according to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq (a member of the Council of Senior Scholars) a black Abaya is not a necessity.

Should you have further enquiries regarding the dress code for women in Saudi Arabia, please do not hesitate to contact our team at T&S. They will be able to provide you with the latest updates in the rules and regulations concerning women in Saudi Arabia.