Audiovisual media business licenses in Saudi Arabia

The General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) published a list of more than 10 media-related licenses. Every business activity related to the audiovisual media requires a specific and separate license.

The establishment that applies for the audiovisual media license must be a Saudi establishment, Saudi-foreign partnership, or a foreign company that is authorized to do business in Saudi Arabia.

Required licenses to start an activity related to the audio and visual media industry include:

■ License for Importing, distributing, selling, and renting Audiovisual Media content through Transit Media.

■ License for selling, importing, and distributing Television and Radio Satellite receivers.

■ License for Audiovisual Media Production companies and establishments.

■ License for establishing TV or Radio stations.

■ License for a channel representative office.

■ License for Satellite News Gathering (SNG).

■ License for audiovisual broadcasting via different Media.

■ License for providing Pay Television services.

■ License for Video on Demand (VOD) services.

■ License for Audio Social Network services.

■ License for video service via closed networks.

■ License for providing electronic games services.

■ License for Radio games and Television game shows.

■ License for companies interested in filming in public and tourist centers.

■ License for operating and establishing Cinema theaters.

The GCAM controls and regulates the media business in Saudi Arabia and all activity related to it.

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