AJEER portal

AJEER portal provides services which organize the temporary employment of foreigners in Saudi Arabia. It manages contractual relationships between the contractor and the employee. In addition, AJEER provides work permits for the temporary workers. AJEER enables establishments to use the services other establishments offer. There are three main services provided by AJEER portal. These services include:  

■ Service contract: this service allows employee of an establishment to work for another.

■ Temporary work − employment services: companies can supply other business entities with employees or borrow from them.

■ Temporary work − direct contracting services which includes: temporary work during Hajj season and temporary work for dependents.

■ Temporary work permit during employment disputes: allows workers to work during the time of an employment dispute.

Temporary work permit service during employment disputes term of service.

This service allows individual to obtain a temporary work permit during the time of an employment dispute. The work permit is issued electronically via AJEER portal. To issue the work permit, the worker must have a valid case of employment dispute in one of the following entities:

■ The Preliminary Commission for Settlement of Labor Disputes

■ The High Commission for Settlement of Labor Disputes. The case must be listed under the following category:

■ Main category: collective or individual case.

■ Subcategory: all subcategories except: household employment cases, issues of violations of the labor law, death issues, and final exit issues.

■ The status of the case should be “valid” with no final judgement.

Establishments that benefits from AJEER services.

It depends on the services provided: Service contract is available only for establishments in the platinum and green Nitaqat range. Establishments who offer service contract should fall into the following sectors:

■ Construction

■ Maintenance and operation contracting

■ Cleaning and maintenance contracts

■ Consulting services and business

■ Institutes and colleges Temporary services − employment services are available for all establishments in different business sectors. Direct contracting − Temporary work during Hajj season required the establishment to be for pilgrims within the country or an establishment for sects authorized by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Direct contacting − Temporary work permit for dependents is issued for establishments with the following activities:

■ Foreign schools

■ Boys private schools

■ Girls private schools

■ Boys and girls private schools

■ Kindergarten

■ Education Institutes Temporary work permit during employment disputes is not available for companies in the red and yellow Nitaqat range.

AJEER portal is a program launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social development. AJEER portal provides services which organize the temporary employment.